In May 2017, I received a small grant from California State University, Northridge’s Department of Journalism and the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication to produce a reporting documentary on the refugee crisis in Europe – particularly the refugee youth.

This project is about young people and their stories.

In a world with more than 65 million refugees and tons of media coverage (admittedly, depending on where you are), many people think they know a refugee’s narrative – life, war, escape, struggle, displacement, hardship and perhaps resettlement. The refugee crisis has become a saturated topic in the media and personal narratives are passing by between news about Trump, terrorism or cute cat videos on Youtube. In this project, young refugees take control over their narrative and tell the stories they want to tell about themselves. The project illustrates the way from refugee to resettlement from the perspective of unaccompanied minors – children and young adults, who fled their countries under the age of 18.

This blog is about not having any clue how to go about this.

But since I have to start somewhere, I’ve created this site to: (1) Document the entire thing as some sort of progress report. (2) Keep my loved ones – YOU! – updated about everything that’s happening. (3) Maintain an overview for myself about what I am working on. Plus being forced to post on a regular basis will hopefully keep me busy and distracted from missing the California sun. Please feel free to comment on any post or contact me. I would love to hear your input, get help or simply have someone to talk to : )

NOTE: This site is constantly progressing and under construction, as I’m still developing the details of the project. (I also want to write a nicer “About” page….)


About me:

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