Kitev’s Refugees’ Kitchen

On July 25, I met the directors of Kitev, a cultural exchange initiative located in Oberhausen. Kitev supports an incredible amount of different disciplines to promote cultural exchange in the area, using concepts like art and sustainability. One of its projects is called Refugees’ Kitchen, a food-truck like vehicle that visits local events and invites Germans to try Middle Eastern cuisine prepared by refugees. I loved the concept of refugees hosting Germans and the aspect of cultural exchange.

“It is not enough for refugees to integrate,” said Chrstoph Stark, one of the directors. “Germans have to step forward and accommodate refugees as well.”

Ever since the refugee wave hit Germany, the directors of Kitev had been thinking about concepts that promote cultural exchange and effective integration of refugees into the sometimes difficult German culture. The team came up with the idea of Refugees’ Kitchen in August 2015. After elaborating the concept for several months, the group remodeled an old truck to a mobile restaurant. Refugees’ Kitchen officially launched in September 2016.

Next Steps

I loved talking to the Kitev team and hearing about their dedication and passions. They invited me to join Refugees’ Kitchen at an upcoming event in October. I agreed and will document the event and will endorse this post with visuals. Stay tuned!

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